Tribute [trib-yute]
a testimonial, compliment, or expression of admiration, given as due or in acknowledgment of gratitude or esteem
Tribyute [trib-yute]
a character reference created spontaneously by people who know, admire, and respect traits and abilities of the individual

Express your admiration

We all know someone who has special qualities, don't we? Its time to put them on that pedestal, and let them know the world has noticed!

Here's the skinny:
  1. Login with your Gmail, Twitter, or Facebook account*
  2. Choose a contact, or enter the email address of someone you admire
  3. Wax lyrical in your praise
  4. We send them your esteem, anonymously, by email**
  5. Tribyutees get their own character-reference page, listing tributes from people who know and admire them
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Joe Bloggs is the single most ingenious person I've ever met, he can turn the biggest problem to his advantage and ...” - Anonymous
Bilbo Baggins has a spirit of adventure that fills me with awe - if only I could be half as brave as he I would be ...” - Anonymous
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